Current Version: 2.3.1
Last updated on: 2-28-14


Compatible iDevices:
iPad 2/3/4/Air/Air2/Pro
Mini/Mini Retina


Requires DreamBoard 2.0.3

Theme Information

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OS X Pad is the most advanced Mac OS X experience available for the iPad.

Theme Overview

OS X Pad is the most advanced Mac OS X experience available for the ipad. (or any device)
The software completely transforms your iPad into a ‘Mac Tablet’.
OS X Pad works fine with iPad2, although its really suggested to use with an iPad3 or Higher as its completely Retina and looks beautiful!
Some Features of OS X Pad:
– Custom DreamBoard Lockscreen to match Mac style.
– ‘Desktop Edit Mode’ allows you to place up to 30 applications and/or up to 6 completely customizable folders on the desktop
– Theme rotates 180 degrees to support Apple Smart covers (Finderbar > View > Flip Rotation)
– Fully functional Finder bar with interactive and self aware menus options.
– Personalize your copy with your name and a username.
– 24 Different Dock ‘Styles’
– Over 80 Wallpapers!
– Complete Help/Troubleshooting interface designed to be exactly like the Mac’s
– The magnifier icon on the FinderBar opens an ‘All Apps’ fullscreen drop-down menu for quick access to all your apps.
– The Finder Window is very customizable with an all apps folder, user designated folder and 8 editable folders that you can name ANYTHING you’d like.
– The Dock is COMPLETELY customizable. Add any of the pre-made ‘Mac-style’ icons to the 10 available slots, OR ADD ANYTHING FROM YOUR iPAD! Theres also a Quick Launch folder to add any favorite apps to that you can’t fit on the dock. The dock also has some interchangeable ‘Styles’ so you can change its color to match the wide variety of Wallpapers.
– The System Preferences Menu is also very true to Mac, offering a central location to all your software settings and customizations.
– OS X Pad version updates are viewable from within the theme! Just go to ‘Software Update’ in the System Preferences Pane to view the latest updates available and change log.
This theme is more of a software upgrade for your iPad than a theme. There are almost no limits to your customization needs.


Version 2.3.1
>FIX – Re-initiated the install process. (left it out on 2.3)
Version 2.3
>FIX – Fixed Preview Pic Bug. (leaving dreamboard would result in theme switcher becoming blank and needing a respring)
>NEW – Added option to make the all app search (finderbar search icon) function styled like Launchpad OR OS X Pad’s popup
>NEW – Added an alert message when clicking the trash or the log out button in the finderbar (leaving DreamBoard)
>UPDATE – Made some changes on how the various areas go into “Edit Mode” (show/hide editable areas so as not to see all the edit placeholders in the theme)
>UPDATE – Few other graphic updates
Version 2.2
> UPDATE – Completely rebuilt the Finderbar with the iOS 7 status bar in mind. No more need for ‘No Status’, and now all your important status bar information is visible.
> UPDATE – Added all newer devices (iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina) to the install process.
> UPDATE – Slight graphical upgrades to the Lockscreen (which is back)
> UPDATE – A COMPLETELY redesigned Finder Window.
Finder now has:
> An All Applications folder
> A “user” folder that automatically applies your username
> 8 customizable folders that can now be renamed to ANYTHING you would like.
> Complete graphics overhaul
> UPDATE – Rebuilt the Desktop Folder Graphics and label styles (no more blue around labels and labels can be much bigger)
> NEW – 12 new wallpapers
> NEW – Tons and tons of graphic tweaks and fixes
Version 2.1
> UPDATE – A unified version for all devices (except iPad 1, which is no longer supported)
Version 2.0
> FIXED – Glitch where Finder and System Preferences screens had areas of non-responsiveness in certain positions
> UPDATE – The ‘All Apps’ drop-down menu from the search icon on the FinderBar is now almost completely fullscreen to allow for maximum apps to be shown.
> NEW – ‘Desktop Edit Mode’ which allows you to add up to 30 apps and up to 6 completely customizable folders to the desktop
> NEW – ‘Enlarged’ dock and icons. Also a few new ‘Mac-style’ icons choices (iPhoto and iMovie)
> NEW – Web-based Help/Troubleshooting interface (accessed at FinderBar > Help > OS X Pad Help)
> NEW – Install process designed to be ‘RAM light’ and feel more like Mac
> ADDED – All the System Preferences choices to the dock settings icon menu
> ADDED – 13 NEW dock styles
Version 1.3.5
> NEW – New Lockscreen optimized for Retina display
> NEW – Newly rebuilt Install/Tutorial process with a few new screens all optimized for Retina Display
> NEW – The magnifier/search icon on the finder bar now opens a scrollable menu with instant access to all apps installed on your iPad
> UPDATE – A few other minor graphic changes/upgrades
Version 1.3.4
> UPDATE – Completely rebuilt System Preferences area and all its assets to be optimized for Retina Displays
> UPDATE – Few other graphic upgrades and code fixes
> UPDATE – Created new icon mask to better match the theme. (MAKE SURE to delete the icon cache folder for this theme /DreamBoard/_library/Cache/Icons/OS X Pad HD)
> FIXED – Fixed Clock glitch (Lockscreen and desktop) where the day was not updating and also removed AM/PM from the 24 hour clock.
Version 1.3.3
> UPDATE – Completely rebuilt Finder Window and all its assets to be optimized for Retina Displays.
Version 1.3.2
> UPDATE – Optimized the entire Finderbar and all its dropdown menus for Retina display
> UPDATE – Few other graphic optimizations
> UPDATE – Changed some code for the Finder Window so swithing between folders is faster
Version 1.3.1
> FIXED – Fixed glitch in rotation function
Version 1.3
> NEW – Add function to flip the theme rotation 180 degrees
(Finderbar > View > Flip Rotation)
Version 1.2.2
> Initial Public Release


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