About DreamBoard

Things to know about DreamBoard.

What IS DreamBoard?

DreamBoard is a theming platform for all jailbroken iDevices designed to break free from the iOS springboard restrictions. The platform makes it easy for designers to manipulate and layer views wherever they want on the iOS springboard. DreamBoard was developed by @WyndWarrior (Andrew Liu).

All of our themes run on the DreamBoard platform so make sure to have DreamBoard installed first before installing any of our themes.

Also, please be aware that DreamBoard 2.0.3 is REQUIRED if you are on iOS 9.x!!

DreamBoard 2.0.3 is still not available for public download on Cydia. You must download DreamBoard 2.0.3 from WyndWarrior’s beta repository in Cydia. Found out how on our Support page.

For the answer to other DreamBoard or theme related questions or if you would like to contact us, visit our Support page.