*** UPDATE ***
Version 1.3
Updated to version 1.3 with the following additional update:
> Fixed the BundleID for Tweetbot Tiles (Tweetbot 2 and 3)

Version 1.2
Updated to version 1.2 with the following additional update:
> Added a slight transparency to the weather area on the dock

It’s been sometime since AppleWEB i5 was first introduced to the public and has been met with a ton of praise from owners of the original AppleWEB as well as new DreamBoard users. The initial AppleWEB i5 1.0 release had only a few bugs, but more became present with the release of iOS 7, as Apple decided to change some of their application’s BundleIDs.

Version 1.1 comes with a load of fixes, changes and new additions. Here’s the change log breakdown for 1.1:

> FIX – Fixed iOS 7 bundleID for the iOS Music Icon in Dock
> FIX – Fixed the bundleID for LinkedIn banner
> FIX – Updated the banner and BundleID for Quickoffice
> FIX – Updated the Passbook tile with new iOS 7 BundleID
> FIX – Several graphic and code optimizations
> UPDATE – Added a status bar strip to the wallpapers with white at the top as iOS 7 has no status bar and the information is in white text
> UPDATE – Removed the Theme Outlet tile (Added a tile option for Fnet Designs Shop)
> UPDATE – Removed the Fios Remote banner and tile (no longer supported by Verizon)
> NEW – Added a new banner and tile option for Fios Mobile app
> NEW – Added a tile option for the Box app
> NEW – Added a tile and banner option for Xbox One Smartglass
> NEW – Added 13 new wallpapers in the ‘Pattern’ section
> NEW** – Added an option to make the Tiles transparent. Go to the theme’s settings > Appearance > Backgrounds (second submenu option) > Tile Background

** Due to the very high demand, I’ve added the option to make the Tiles transparent. For those who love the complete transparent look can now enjoy AppleWEB 1.1 and a full wallpaper view!