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DreamBoard’s beta has just been updated to version 2.0.2. DreamBoard 2.0.2 fixes a bunch of bugs that were still present after 2.0.1 was released and also fixes new ones. This update brings some great updates and fixes we have all been waiting for!

Here’s the breakdown of the update:

NEW: App choosing menu now saves your place
NEW: Default theme preview has been updated
FIXED: Theme orientation on iPad (landscape/portrait) has been fixed
FIXED: Removed system apps from all apps folder (and app chooser menu)
FIXED: Icon badges showing negative value
FIXED: Respringing or rebooting re-applies iOS Springboard

TODO: launching apps does not show splash screen zoom animation (resulting in a small delay).

Remember, if you would like to test out and use DreamBoard 2.0.2, you still need to join Andrew’s beta program. You can join the beta program on his site Here