Lots of changes are currently underway for the Fnet Designs shop.

The site and app have undergone some minor and major changes. A few of them you will notice and some are behind the scenes to help deliver our content and files in a much easier and efficient way.

One major change is that all of our themes are now free. All themes and theme updates released in the future will also be free. This was done for a few reasons, one of which is the ease of using Cydia to deliver and install themes flawlessly. Going forward I will depend solely on donations to support the development and upgrades of the site, the app and all of our themes; old and new. I have added donation links on all theme detail pages and on Cydia. Any and all donations are extremely appreciated.

Upgrades to the site are still ongoing and theme development has also (finally) resumed after a long unintentional break.

Check back for the new additions to our theme portfolio that are currently under development and in concept phases.