Updated to 2.3 (2-27-14)
Version 2.3
>FIX – Fixed Preview Pic Bug. (leaving dreamboard would result in theme switcher becoming blank and needing a respring)
>NEW – Added option to make the all app search (finderbar search icon) function styled like Launchpad OR OS X Pad’s popup
>NEW – Added an alert message when clicking the trash or the log out button in the finderbar (leaving DreamBoard)
>UPDATE – Made some changes on how the various areas go into “Edit Mode” (show/hide editable areas so as not to see all the edit placeholders in the theme)
>UPDATE – Few other graphic updates

OS X Pad HD has been the most innovative, creative and customizable DreamBoard theme Fnet Designs has developed to date. OS X Pad HD brings your iPad closer to emulating a Mac than any other theme or program can. The long awaited 2.2 update brings OS X Pad HD up to date with iOS 7 and DreamBoard 2.0.2 (which is still in beta at the time of this post).

Version 2.2 brings lots of really great changes and updates. Here’s the breakdown:

> UPDATE – Completely rebuilt the Finderbar with the iOS 7 status bar in mind. No more need for ‘No Status’, and now all your important status bar information is visible.
> UPDATE – Added all newer devices (iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina) to the install process.
> UPDATE – Slight graphical upgrades to the Lockscreen (which is back)
> UPDATE – A COMPLETELY redesigned Finder Window.
Finder now has:
> An All Applications folder
> A “user” folder that automatically applies your username
> 8 customizable folders that can now be renamed to ANYTHING you would like.
> Complete graphics overhaul

> UPDATE – Rebuilt the Desktop Folder Graphics and label styles (no more blue around labels and labels can be much bigger)
> NEW – 12 new wallpapers
> NEW – Tons and tons of graphic tweaks and fixes